Electoral program

Dear neighbours,

Once again, the future of Benahavís, where and how we want our municipality to move forward is being decided.

I look back and I see that all the serious deficiencies we have been enduring for so many years are still there. Indeed, many of these problems are becoming more and more serious and detrimental to the wellbeing of citizens.

Our neighbours continue to demand PUBLIC TRANSPORT to connect us with the neighbouring municipalities. There is no point in providing transport that does not go out of Benahavís.

They continue to demand the improvement of the service of our PRIMARY HEALTH CARE CENTRE, the longed-for AMBULANCE, the possibility of access to public HOUSING, greater SECURITY in the whole municipality, the CARE AND MAINTENANCE of the RESIDENTIAL AREAS of our municipality, etc.

It is worth mentioning our firm commitment and determination not to raise the new school and high school on the land planned by the mayor and his government team. I refuse to accept any reason that justifies the possibility of threatening the health of our children and young people. The new educational facilities will have the land that Benahavís´ families deserve. OUR SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL WILL NOT BE BUILT IN THE AREA OF THE ELECTRICITY SUBSTATION.

This programme reflects my commitment to bring a solution to the most important issues that today compromise the well-being of Benahavís´ residents. However, the matters herein included are not the only ones that need to be solved. Unfortunately, there are so many problems that have been accumulated over years and years of absolute disinterest that it is impossible to include all of them herein.

I hope your support and trust in the elections of the 28th of May.

Benahavís, it’s time for CHANGE. The FUTURE is in your hands.


Candidate for Mayor

It is time for Education

The school and high school WILL NOT BE BUILT in the surroundings of the electricity substation. Instead, they will be built in a safe and easily accessible environment. In the meantime, we will address the safety problems of the existing school.

We will promote the opening and use of school facilities outside school hours, as well as during holiday periods and in summer, offering intergenerational, sporting, cultural and leisure activities, accessible to the whole population. The aim of this measure is to find a balance between work and family life.

We will create a scholarship system, which helps families and recognises the academic excellence of our students.

We will upgrade the existing nursery school and promote new municipal nursery schools in other parts of the municipality.

It is time for Transport

We will provide our neighbours with a proper public transport. This transport will operate on a longer schedule and it will connect the different urban centres of the municipality and the nearby towns. Therefore, the isolation suffered in our municipality will be overcome.

It is time for Health Care and Social Welfare

Health care continues to be, legislature after legislature, the sector that has been most neglected by the current government team. Therefore:

We will ask the Regional Government of Andalusia for the transfer of powers for the construction of a new primary health care centre, accessible and providing complete health care: primary care, paediatrics, 24-hour ambulance and doctor on call at weekends and public holidays.

We will plan the construction of an intergenerational centre. It would consist of a Day Centre for the elderly and a nursery school. This intergenerational programme will be of great benefit to the active ageing of our elderly people and to the emotional and social development of our children.

We will provide our elderly with a real senior citizens’ home, where regular activities will be held for their enjoyment.

It is time for Security

We will increase the number of members of the local police force and provide them with all the resources they need to carry out their duties. It will include a switchboard that connects the emergencies of our local police.

We will reactivate the project to install video surveillance cameras at various entrances to housing estates in the municipality. This will also simplify the work of the state security forces, and will also contribute to the control and prevention of fires.

We will recover and put back into operation the Local Police station in the area of the Ronda road.

We will create a municipal group of volunteers for Civil Protection.

It is Time for Sustainability and Environment

We will rehabilitate the Coronilla area, setting up a path and spaces for resting.

We will extend and improve the footpath network, as well as recreational areas.

We will carry out campaigns to promote and raise awareness of the responsibilities involved in animal ownership and collaborate with animal shelters and animal protection centres.

We will conceal the undergrounding of new overhead electricity lines and study the viability of concealing existing lines.

We will provide residential areas with ecological units, as well as more municipal solid waste and recyclable containers.

We will create 2 clean points for recyclable waste. The main one will be in the town and the other at an intermediate point in the municipality.

We will issue a municipal ordinance for waste management and improve the system for the removal of household waste from the municipality’s residents.

We will carry out continuous awareness campaigns for the correct management of MSW.

We are committed to ensure that all luminaires are energy efficient. Not a single street light will be installed without LEDs. Different studies put the savings in electricity consumption with this type of luminaire at between 60 and 80%.

We guarantee the development of the network of electric vehicle charging points in different parts of the municipality.

It is time for Employment

We will study the establishment of a plan for social insertion and training by setting up an arts and crafts workshop school in order to promote assimilation into working life and increase opportunities for access to the labour market for the municipality’s residents, especially for our young people.

The job banks will be renewed at least every two years, in order to adapt them to the employment needs of our citizens.

We will promote aid for the freelance and entrepreneurs.

It is time for tourism

We will protect and recover the natural environment of the most popular public places, as well as restore and maintain our cultural and urban heritage (Daidín, Montemayor, Torres Vigía)

We will refurbish and embellish our streets with sculptures, urban murals and other artistic initiatives.

We will encourage rural tourism, developing tourist attractions (Nature Classroom, Viewpoints, Bird Observatory and Tyrolean traverse).

We will encourage the town council to collaborate actively and stably with the restaurant sector by organising Gastronomic Weeks, awards for the best dishes and other activities of tourist interest.

We will create a Tourist Office staffed by qualified personnel to promote the natural and socio-cultural attractions.

We will develop a marketing plan based on national and international tourism promotion strategies in collaboration with the corresponding organisations.

It is time for Housing

We will create a municipal register of housing applicants, in order to have a real picture of the need for subsidised housing in the municipality.

We will finally allocate the current council housing, which is still empty after more than a decade of being finished.

We will set up the public housing that the families and young people of Benahavís need.

We will launch a plan to rehabilitate housing.

It is time for Youth and Culture

We will create a youth centre. There, our young people will have a space for meeting, training and leisure, with activities that they may organise and develop themselves.

We will promote a dynamic library that promotes reading, extending the opening hours and educational resources. In addition, creative literature workshops will be held.

We deserve an active House of Culture, which is why we will create a school for parents, heart-healthy workshops, film seasons and exhibitions in collaboration with different associations.

We will set up vouchers or free language courses aimed especially at young people who have finished their education.

It is time for Transparency and Infrastructures

We will restore and execute the Participatory Budgets. They are a democratic tool for participation and management of the town, through which residents can propose and decide on the destination of part of the municipal resources.

We will remove the existing architectural barriers.

We will improve and expand the network of municipal playgrounds.

We will install solar panels in all municipal buildings and public facilities.

We will create the brand “Benahavís Pueblo Blanco Mediterráneo”, and we will subsidise residents and homeowners’ associations to help them maintain the standard aesthetics of their facades.

We will create new spaces for urban gardens in different areas of the municipality.

It is time for Sports

We will create bio-healthy spaces that promote active leisure.

We will build a sports centre with a heated swimming pool, indoor paddle courts, gym, fitness room and other activities.

We will develop sports schools.

It is time for Municipal Employment

We will update the employment network of the City Council in a global way, reinforcing the staff; as well as the promotion of the workforce. We will update the Agreement and Framework Agreement for its approval.

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